The Markets: Private Economy and Capitalism in North Korea?

Analysis, Economics
, by and The growth of markets and gradual changes in the economy are some the most significant developments to occur in North Korea over the last 20 years. An understanding of these fundamental changes is critical for the formulation of North Korea policy. In an effort to further investigate these evolving economic changes in North Korea, Beyond Parallel launched a pioneering and original data collection project in 2017 and 2018 on markets.

Empowering North Koreans as Part of Trump’s North Korea Policy

Foreign Affairs, Human Rights
, by President Trump’s North Korea policy must include considerations about empowering the North Korean people...   The outgoing Obama administration advised Donald Trump to consider North Korea’s growing nuclear threat as his number one foreign policy priority. Despite Trump’s campaign talking points about downgrading the U.S.-ROK alliance, withdrawing U.S. troops…

Meager Rations, Banned Markets, and Growing Anger Toward Government

Analysis, Economics, Governance, Human Rights
, by and A opinion poll of North Koreans revealed a clear sense of discontent about what the government provides its citizens... A Beyond Parallel descriptive survey of North Koreans currently residing in North Korea revealed a clear sense of discontent among respondents about what the government provides its citizens. North Koreans know they do not live…