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Foreign Affairs

On June 30, 2017, His Excellency Moon Jae-in, President of the Republic of Korea, delivered a Global Leaders Forum address... READ MORE

Human Rights

Testimony by Ambassador Robert King American Leadership in the Asia-Pacific, Part 3: Promoting Democracy, Human Rights, and the Rule of... READ MORE


South Korea’s New President, in Trying to Develop Economic Policy, is Caught up in Geopolitics. South Korea’s new president, Moon... READ MORE

Foreign Affairs

Who Is he? Cho Myung-gyon took office as South Korea’s 39th Minister of Unification on July 3, 2017. He was... READ MORE

Foreign Affairs

To examine the closeness of the China-North Korea relationship, Beyond Parallel created an original dataset of all high-level visits between... READ MORE

Foreign Affairs

Negotiating the Six Party Talks and Dealing with North Korea’s Nuclear Program In 2003, the Six Party Talks were launched... READ MORE


How Much Do We Know About Unification? Beyond Parallel is creating the first-ever database of expert assessments that try to... READ MORE

Refugees & Migration

Refugees, and the fate of civilians in general, are critical to planning in case of dramatic political instability in North... READ MORE

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About Beyond Parallel

Beyond Parallel is a nonpartisan and authoritative analytic vehicle for delivering greater clarity and understanding to policymakers, strategists, and opinion leaders about Korean unification. The project will address issues that hold strategic significance for unification and functional issues such as economic development, migration, food security, transitional justice, human rights, and health that will be at the heart of how unification is carried out.