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Ballistic Missiles

With the upcoming Korean Workers’ Party Foundation Day celebration on October 10, a SLBM test should not be ruled out as a possibility for Kim Jong-un’s self-proclaimed “October surprise.” Such a test would be consistent... READ MORE


Over the course of 30 elections since 1956, Beyond Parallel measured the period of time before or after an election in which a North Korean provocation happens and found the provocation window has grown more... READ MORE

Ballistic Missiles

An unidentified approximately 12-meter-by-1.75-meter yellow trailer or truck is on the same dock but immediately outside the secure boast basin. Speculation is that this may be a piece of construction equipment (e.g., a crane) or... READ MORE

North Korea is the Impossible State. Each week join the people who know the most about North Korea—The Center for... READ MORE

Nuclear Weapons

The Pyongsan Uranium Concentrate Plant represents a critical component of North Korea’s nuclear research and weapons development programs. Through analysis of 100+ medium- and high-resolution declassified and commercial satellite images, this report aims to provide... READ MORE


The unexplained periodic absences of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the past two months are troubling. Presumed health ailments for this obese smoker and drinker could leave his nuclear-armed dictatorship potentially leaderless overnight. READ MORE

Human Rights

In this episode, Ambassador King shares how he became the first (and only) U.S. Special Envoy for North Korean human rights issues under the Obama administration. He recalls how he used his unique position to... READ MORE

Ballistic Missiles

In a joint baseline analysis with Jane’s Intelligence Review, the Center for Strategic and International Studies surveys a previously undisclosed facility near Pyongyang International Airport in North Korea that is likely related to its expanding... READ MORE

Infrastructure & Energy

Widely considered as a midterm referendum on President Moon, the April electoral victory will breathe new life into his administration’s heretofore stalled diplomatic efforts with North Korea, a key pillar of which is inter-Korean railway... READ MORE

The CSIS Korea Chair analyzes the U.S.-Korea alliance, one of America's most successful postwar security institutions, which faces new challenges... READ MORE

Since 2016, CSIS has partnered with an organization that has a successful track record of conducting discrete and careful surveys... READ MORE


The growth of markets and gradual changes in the economy are some the most significant developments to occur in North Korea over the last 20 years. An understanding of these fundamental changes is critical for... READ MORE


Beyond Parallel conducted a study of whether there are patterns to North Korean behavior around U.S. elections. To carry out this study we created a dataset of U.S. election events, incorporating both presidential and congressional... READ MORE

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Beyond Parallel is a nonpartisan and authoritative analytic vehicle for delivering greater clarity and understanding to policymakers, strategists, and opinion leaders about Korean unification. The project will address issues that hold strategic significance for unification and functional issues such as economic development, migration, food security, transitional justice, human rights, and health that will be at the heart of how unification is carried out.

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