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High Resolution is a CSIS video series created and produced by the Dracopoulos iDeas Lab and features CSIS experts. The... READ MORE

North Korea is the Impossible State. Each week join the people who know the most about North Korea—The Center for... READ MORE

The CSIS Korea Chair analyzes the U.S.-Korea alliance, one of America's most successful postwar security institutions, which faces new challenges... READ MORE


The Sinpo Shipyard is the counterpart to the Sinpo South Shipyard and focuses primarily on the production, maintenance, and repair of small fishing vessels. To a lesser degree, it has also been involved in the... READ MORE

Ballistic Missiles

The Mayang-do Navy Shipyard and submarine bases are the largest facilities of their kind in North Korea. Using unique off-nadir imagery collection, this report provides a close-up focus of these facilities, including views of the... READ MORE


Recent satellite imagery provides details into major maintenance and expansion at the Sunchon Airbase, which houses some of North Korea’s most modern and capable military aircraft in the Korean Air and Air Defense Force (KPAF)’s... READ MORE


Satellite imagery supports open-source reporting that the North Korea-China border has likely been closed to trade since January 2020 due to the North Korean government’s precautions against the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. However, a... READ MORE

Ballistic Missiles

Using unique off-nadir imagery collection, this report provides a close-up focus of the test launch sites, ports, and related facilities at Sinpo South Shipyard. This is the first of several Sharp Focus reports providing a... READ MORE

Nuclear Weapons

Recently acquired LANDSAT 7 and 8 thermal infrared imagery of the Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center provide strong indications that during March and April 2021, activity involving the heating of buildings and operations of facility support... READ MORE

Nuclear Weapons

Satellite imagery on April 19 shows that North Korea has positioned a cylindrical object on the submersible missile test barge at Nampo. This object could be a launch tube for an SLBM, but this cannot... READ MORE

Ballistic Missiles

The recent repositioning of the submersible missile test stand barge and floating dry-dock were not isolated events, but components of a series of small naval movements at the shipyard during the past four weeks. These... READ MORE

Ballistic Missiles

The recent repositioning of the submersible missile test stand barge was not an isolated event, but the latest in a series of small naval movements at the shipyard during the past several weeks. Satellite imagery... READ MORE

Ballistic Missiles

A Maxar Technologies satellite image collected at 11:09 AM KST on April 6 shows that North Korea is moving its submersible missile test barge located at the Sinpo South Shipyard. As no missile canister is... READ MORE

Nuclear Weapons

At the Yongyon Radiochemistry Laboratory, steam (or smoke) rising from any of the stacks within the radiochemistry laboratory itself is not often observed in commercial satellite imagery. However, the March 30 image shows a plume... READ MORE

Nuclear Weapons

Commercial satellite imagery collected during the past eight months indicates that despite the absence of any nuclear testing by North Korea since 2017, the Pyongsan Uranium Concentrate Plant remains operational, is producing uranium concentrate (U3O8,... READ MORE

Infrastructure & Energy

Although significant political barriers remain to reconnecting the Korean peninsula, there is merit in substantive study of the types of energy infrastructure connections that would best promote regional growth and stability. The cases examined in... READ MORE

Ballistic Missiles

Commercial satellite imagery acquired on January 5, 2021 and February 7, 2021 indicate that the Yusang-ni missile base is operational and that minor development (i.e., construction, etc.) has continued since our last report from May... READ MORE

Human Rights

The United States’ re-entry into the United Nations Human Rights Council signals a much-needed U.S. commitment to protecting human rights everywhere and gives credibility to a key force fighting North Korea’s human rights violations, says... READ MORE


Located approximately 52 kilometers north of the DMZ and 125 kilometers north of Seoul, the Kal-gol missile operating base is one of the most developed of North Korea’s approximately 15-20 undeclared ballistic missile facilities. This... READ MORE

Since 2016, CSIS has partnered with an organization that has a successful track record of conducting discrete and careful surveys... READ MORE


The growth of markets and gradual changes in the economy are some the most significant developments to occur in North Korea over the last 20 years. An understanding of these fundamental changes is critical for... READ MORE

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