Vertical Engine Test and Ongoing Construction at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station

, by , and Satellite imagery indicates that North Korea conducted an unannounced test of a liquid propellant rocket engine from the Yunsong vertical engine test facility during the fourth week of April 2024. Earlier in the month, several sources suggested that North Korea was preparing to conduct another satellite launch. While there were some indications that a launch attempt might occur within the month, it did not.

Database: Map of North Korean Munition Routes to Russia

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, by and CSIS Beyond Parallel team created an interactive map documenting possible North Korean munition routes to Russia by rail. There is active expansion of infrastructure at Tikhoretsk Munitions Storage Facility, Mozdok Munitions Storage Facility, and Yegorlykskaya Airfield, which has been converted into a munitions storage facility to store ammunition closer to the front lines of the war in Ukraine.