What Hostile Policy?: North Korean Views of the United States

Analysis, Foreign Affairs
, by and With the Singapore Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un on June 12, there is bound to be references made by the North Korean leader to the need to end U.S. “hostile policy” as a precondition for denuclearization. However, CSIS Beyond Parallel research shows that North Korean citizens do not hold uniformly negative impressions of the United States, contrary to the statements of North Korean leaders. A study commissioned by Beyond Parallel of North Koreans currently living inside the country found 68% North Korean respondents do not see the United States as North Korea's enemy.

The Devil’s Weapons: What Ordinary North Koreans Think about their Nuclear Program

Analysis, Nuclear Weapons
, by and Reports of ubiquitous celebrations of nuclear weapons accomplishments stand in stark contrast with a new micro-survey commissioned by Beyond Parallel of North Korean citizens. Conducted throughout the summer and fall of 2017 with a cross-section of North Korean citizens, the vast majority of North Korean respondents did not have a positive attitude toward their country’s nuclear weapons program.

Paradise Evaporated: Escaping the No Income Trap in North Korea

Analysis, Economics
, by A View Inside North Korea: 35 of 36 North Koreans currently living inside North Korea said at least 75% of their household income came from the markets and not from their official government sanctioned jobs. As featured on The Washington Post... As featured in The Washington Post "Markets helping North Koreans become more independent of the…

Changing DPRK Demands Customized Approach to Freedom of Information Advocacy

Foreign Affairs, Human Rights
, by North Koreans are gaining greater access to uncensored information...   North Koreans are gaining greater access to uncensored information about regional conditions and world events thanks to new forms of media and technology flooding into the country from abroad. Former North Korean ambassador Thae…

The Merits of Conducting Surveys Inside North Korea

Human Rights
, by The survey conducted inside North Korea on behalf of CSIS Beyond Parallel is noteworthy because it employs standardized questionnaires for response consistency and draws samples from a wide cross-section of the North Korean population...   The survey conducted inside North Korea on behalf of CSIS Beyond Parallel is noteworthy…

Commentary: Dissatisfaction But No Evidence Yet of A Pyongyang Spring

Economics, Human Rights
, by Poll confirms that many North Koreans depend on the markets than on the public distribution system (PDS)... The Beyond Parallel poll appears to have overcome two major hurdles faced by other North Korea surveys: an over-reliance on North Korean defectors and over-reliance on people from the border provinces with China, who continue…