Travel to North Korea: Should it be Prohibited in the Aftermath of American Student’s Death?

Foreign Affairs, Governance, Human Rights
, by The tragic death of Otto Warmbier has again raised the question of whether travel to North Korea ought to be prohibited by the United States government. Prohibiting travel by Americans to North Korea has been talked about for some time, primarily on Capitol Hill. Arguments for a travel ban are (1) to protect the safety and wellbeing of American citizens; and (2) travel is a source of hard currency for the Kim regime which goes to the “royal economy” for imported French cognac and luxury automobiles for the young leader, as well as to fund nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Living History with Sonja Biserko

Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Legal
In this oral history, Ms. Sonja Biserko discusses her experience in gathering evidence and writing the legacy of the commission activities; and her perspective on the future of human rights in North Korea... The Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Human Rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea…