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Sohae Launch Facility Update: Quiet Since Early March

Key Findings

  • While recent activity at the Sohae Launch facility appears to have returned it to operational status after DPRK dismantlement measures earlier in the summer of 2018, there has been no activity of significance at the vertical engine test stand or launch pad since our last report on Sohae (Tongchang-ri).
  • Launch Pad: The environmental covers on the umbilical tower and the rail-mounted launch pad remain closed concealing any activity within them. There does not appear to be a launch vehicle present.
  • No significant activity is noted elsewhere at the facility.

Sohae (Tongchang-ri) Launch Facility


The vertical engine test stand as seen on March 17, 2019. (Copyright © 2019 by DigitalGlobe) (Click each image to view larger size)

The launch pad as seen on March 17, 2019. (Copyright © 2019 by DigitalGlobe)

This site will be monitored for further activity consistent with readying the launch facility for possible use in the future.